Be the change

We appeal

1. Don’t throw away – upcycle!

2. Don’t waste – respect raw materials!

3. Don’t buy – consider the possibilities!

4. Don’t store – recycle!

5. Manage rationally!

6. Learn and insire yourself!

We solve the problem creatively

We help companies and institutions give a second life to unnecessary things and waste. We make unnecessary things get a second life. We provide the service of analyzing materials, things lingering in warehouses for processing.

Got a problem? It’s time for upcycling!

We analyze, design and make new unique utilitarian items. Our mission is to inspire and create educational projects. We use available technologies in a non-obvious way.

Previously recycled:

  • post advertising materials: vinyl, mesh nets, flags, stands
  • tarpaulins from trucks
  • inner tubes and rubbers
  • leather materials
  • plastic elements
  • wooden elements

We look forward to what the future holds!

Don’t know anything about this topic? Do you need information?

You will get an idea and a comprehensive solution

You choose:

  • you give us your materials and we create new upcycled items for you
  • you give us your materials and we combine them in our zero waste projects

We are your external UPCreative department

Act with us

  • take charge! take matters into your own hands
  • join the UP community and have the physical evidence to prove it
  • be proud to be part of this green movement
  • make the other envy you
  • RE touch, RE carry, RE use

We know how to do it!