What upcycling and recycling is all about?

It’s not like everyone knows what recycling and upcycling is.

RE – involves converting old materials into new ones that can be used in other products

UP – takes old materials and transforms them into something new, often of higher value

The goal is sustainable and unwavering management of raw materials.

Upcycling is not only banner bags, in our edition it is also other, dedicated, individually created ecological advertising gadgets.

Green means what kind of green?

The attitude of extending the life of materials, reusing, analyzing available resources, through which we implement a zero waste strategy, makes it green.

Can upcycling be creative?

Considering how diverse upcycling materials are, the potential of what can be created is endless. A good idea, imagination is the key to making creative promotional gadgets and more.

What are the upcycling trends?

Upcycling in recent years is gaining new roles, it is intensively entering the world of fashion, sustainable fashion is more and more collection shows from second-hand materials.

There are growing opinions that it is likely to become mainstream in the fashion industry (slow fashion).

In addition to fashion, it is also circular boutiques, places, platforms for exchanging, selling used things, in line with the slow life trend.

It’s a change OF THE WAY OF THINKING, looking at garbage as raw material.

How to stand out?

The current focus in advertising gadgets is on eco-friendliness, on their biodegradability, but also on the reuse of materials owned. This adds value to the new product, draws attention to the history of its creation, fitting into the Closed Circuit Economy.

This is an excellent idea for those who want to stand out, give their customers, employees something special.

What is ESG, CSRD and ESRS?

ESG or Environmental, Social, Governance are factors that are increasingly important in determining the value of a company.

ESG in the context of a company means that the focus is not just on generating value by maximizing profits and the bottom line. The company’s environmental performance, social performance and the area of corporate governance are also becoming important. This is a change involving a different perception of the enterprise – the business.

The EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) has been in effect since January 2023. Aimed at setting guidelines for sustainability reporting.

Assumes a certain scope of reporting in three thematic groups – according to the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS):

  • Environment – ESRS (E5)- “Resource use and the circular economy,” among others
  • Society
  • Governance

Over the next few years, companies operating in the EU area will be successively subjected to its principles.

It is important for businesses to already identify areas where changes and improvements will be necessary