We have started our cooperation with Szczecin City Bike_S. Bike_S is an unmanned bicycle rental service that consists of 800 single-tracks and 100 parking zones on both sides of the Oder River. It operates nonstop all year round.

There is one city bicycle per approximately 498 residents. Szczecin ranks eighth with this result, and fifth in terms of rental density. On average, there is 1 station for every 3 km2.

In 2024, Bike_S will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Why urban bicycle transportation?

“A place where passion meets pragmatism, where love of nature meets fascination with bicycles. We want to show you how many ways you can feel freedom by owning an electric bicycle. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a bike for relaxation, want to bypass traffic, or maybe take your loved ones on a picnic. Any of these ways, will be good, because it will be yours.”

Szczecin covers an area of exactly 300.6 square kilometers. This gives it fifth place on the list of the largest cities by area in Poland. Therefore, the possibility of moving by bicycle provides the opportunity for fast and environmentally friendly transportation from one side of the city to the other.

The number of people riding bicycles is growing every year, the number of cycling enthusiasts is increasing, cities are developing bicycle routes. There are plans to create a route connecting Kolobrzeg with Szczecin and Berlin by 2030, the planned route is to be about 690 kilometers long, it will be a great route and a tourist attraction.

What do we use inner tubes for?

When producing upcycling products, we try to make maximum use of available second-hand raw materials. For example, we use, among other things, used inner tubes as reinforcements in backpacks or bags.

As part of the signed cooperation agreement, resources possible to use in upcycling products have been acquired.

In our backpacks, the inner tube becomes a practical and durable handle, we also use inner tubes to reinforce the bottoms of backpacks, or to make places where you can insert a pen or toothbrush. In kidneys we use inner tubes to make passageways for a cable for headphones or a power-bank, inner tubes are a great and flexible material.

These are just a few examples, the potential of inner tubes is yet to be explored, it’s just a matter of creativity.