We have started cooperation with Durable Sp. z o.o., for which we have created, the Upcycling Education Program, aimed at children from the youngest grades of elementary school.

For more than a century, Durable has been a reliable partner in the sphere of manufacturing professional products and solutions used in various workplaces. Durable Sp. z o.o. takes a holistic approach to sustainability efforts.

Involvement in social projects are also very important issues of their business. The goal of the project we are implementing is to spread knowledge and awareness of the value of the 3R idea Reduce Reuse Recycle.

Workshop objectives.

At workshops in elementary schools, new useful items are created from unnecessary materials, waste. Children learn how they can take care of the environment, how to act ecologically, how to use the potential of the objects around us. They also get great satisfaction from the works they
made on their own.

The materials they used to create include plastic containers, cardboard rolls, cardboard strips, paper letters, plastic strips and pads, cardboard boxes, magnets and notebooks.

“Ma’am what kind of things I learned here…!”

One of the tasks at the workshop carried out in the Education Program was planting seeds. Containers that were no longer needed at Durable were given a second life, they became pots. The seeds we used came from special paper used to create flyers for the Third Ecological Summit organized by West Pomerania in September 2023.

Why children are so important.

At this stage, children are absorbing knowledge, thinking and thinking about solutions and changes in their daily lives. This is the moment and the group to whom we should speak most about the closed loop economy.

In the first series of workshops, meetings took place in three Szczecin schools, in each of which we conducted a workshop for three grades 1-3. We have plans to implement more in the next year.

By implementing educational activities for Our Partners, we have a sense of influence on
the future.