The previous year proved to be a challenging for us.

Szczecin Business Inspirations

We have started the second quarter of the year 2023 with participation in the Szczecin Business Inspirations event, which became the beginning of the transformation of Make it! into RE make it.

It was during this cyclical meeting that we had the opportunity to present ourselves with our upcycling services, share our idea, and plans for the development of the company in the near future. Szczecin Business Inspirations to an event aimed at integration, networking but also sharing interesting ideas of the business environment with the President of Szczecin.

As Make it! we had the opportunity, and undoubted honor to participate in this event. After our speech, we had the opportunity to have inspiring conversations, we received a lot of positive energy from the participants. The positive reception and reactions of the participants of the meeting, strengthened our conviction that the path we are following is the right one.

GOZpodarz 2023

Another important event for us was the award received in the GOZpodarz 2023 Competition in the “Implementation of GOZ practices” category. This award is particularly important because we were among such companies as:

  • 1st place McDonald’s
  • 2nd place Stena Recycling Sp. z o.o.
  • 3rd place Lyreco Poland

“GOZpodarz 2023” is a Competition organized by the organization Employers of the Republic of Poland, which is the oldest and largest organization of employers in Poland. The competition promotes good practices related to the idea of the Closed Circuit Economy and is aimed at entrepreneurs, local government units and other organizations. It is held as part of the “Switch on Clean Energy for Poland” activity.

It promotes the idea of GOZ from informed consumer decisions to good practices promoted by public authorities, companies and NGOs, and aims to showcase them and recognize leaders.

The presentation of awards and prizes in this competition took place during PRECOP28 at the 4th GOZpodarka Congress. PRECOP 28 was a pre-event and preparatory event for the United Arab Emirates Climate Summit (2023 UN Climate Change Conference – COP 28) – the largest global forum aimed at developing common policies to address climate change.

In between the two events, we worked very hard on rebranding the Make it! in RE make it, on changing the website and thus presenting the values and ideas that guide us and according to which we operate.

Szczecin_UP! 3.0

The culmination of the past year was qualifying to participate in the 3rd edition of the mentoring program Szczecin_UP! Program dedicated to companies with high business and commercial potential. This is a mentoring program aimed at creating conditions for the dynamic development
of innovative companies in the Szczecin Metropolitan Area.

Only six companies-participants, within the framework of this program, are given the opportunity to work with a mentor, and have the opportunity to work with advisors and business experts in the fields of legal, tax and accounting, marketing, creative etc., networking in the Szczecin “startup community”.

According to the program’s guidelines, each participant has the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and receive strategic tools to launch their service or product on the market, or to develop and promote their business in a broader scope. This is a very intensive time dedicated to the development of our company, the program is scheduled to end in March 2024.