Loop Forum is an international event bringing together business proffessionals, thought leaders, public authorities and researchers to share knowledge, network and present concrete business solutions focused on accelerating the transition to a closed loop economy. During this event, which took place 24-26.04.2024 we had opportunity and honor to be part of the national stand organized by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) presenting our sustainable solution. Thanks to this also had a chance to talk to Polish Ambassador to Denmark and also take a part in Pitch.   


“We need to change the way we manage our resources, manufacture and use products, and then handle materials”

Loop forum – is a unique event combining the trade fair part, meetings, people, business, industry experts but also authorities and the scientific sphere in one place and time. Since reducing resource consumption with improved recycling and reuse of resources represents a major economic opportunity for companies and organizations – this is the focus, bringing together various industries.

What next?

Emotions accompanied us both during the meetings, lectures and the Pitch, during which we were able to share our solution with a wider audience – will remain us for a very long time.
I am convinced that the contacts made during this event with people who, like us, care about raising the level of circularity will bring great results!
We took with us from Copenhagen enthusiasm, new ideas, energy and power to act, as well as the belief that we can do a lot if we act together.
Thank you LOOP Forum for organisation and the opportunity to participate in this unique event!