Cooperation with the West Pomeranian Business School

Polish companies, by adapting to its requirements, have a chance to strengthen their position in the market and increase their competitiveness through an integrated approach to management.
Good prospects are opening up for sustainability experts.

A total of 3,500 companies in Poland, with analyses showing that:

✔ 90% have not dealt with the topic of reporting before
✔ 15% declare that they have a person responsible for sustainability in their structure
✔ more than 50% plan to recruit new ESG specialists


„Steady economic growth along with the pursuit of continuous growth can no longer be the sole goal of a company today”?

The West Pomeranian Business School – Academy of Applied Sciences is opening a new postgraduate course so as to prepare future Specialists and Managers in this field.
We have the honor and privilege to take this direction under our Patronage.

For our part, we will help meet the reporting obligations but also to meet these requirements from the practical and benefits side .♻ but also, and perhaps most importantly, to look at these new challenges in terms of the potential and opportunities for building a competitive advantage for Polish companies.

Who should be interested in this direction?

The main objective of the study is to provide participants with a comprehensive knowledge of sustainability and the key components of ESG i.e. environmental, social and managerial aspects, and to learn about the economic aspects of sustainability, including the relationship between economic growth and environmental protection and how to integrate sustainability into business strategies.

The study will enable participants to understand the social aspects of sustainability, including social equity, participatory approaches to community development and the development of inclusive communities. And they will provide the knowledge and skills necessary for ESG reporting and management strategies to support sustainability.

So, they are directed to employees of companies, businesses and corporations; as well as employees of public sectors and NGOs, among others.

You are welcome!